Here’s YOUR Light Bulb Moment: Six Things You Need to Know About Networking to Be Really, Really Good at It.

I want to tell you my favorite networking story.  It’s my favorite mostly because I come out looking like a total dork (and there’s nothing I like better than to laugh at myself!), but also because it was a real LIGHT BULB MOMENT…we get so few of those in life!  Anyway, here goes.

Many years ago, when I was but a young entrepreneur, I joined a local Chamber of Commerce Leads Group.  After my first few meetings and getting to know the other members, a gentleman asked me if I’d like to go to coffee so he could learn more about what I did.  “This is it!”, thought my naïve, innocent self.  “He’s going to hire me for his marketing.  Damn, this networking thing is paying off already!” Continue Reading →