Meet Our Founder

katherine-mcgraw-patterson-founder-of-women-entrepreneurs-and-business-owners-networkAs an independent entrepreneur from 1999 to 2019, KP searched for a “networking” group that supported her goals not only for growing herbusiness through new clients and contracts, but for personal and professional development, too.

KP’s dream was to find a community of like-minded business owners with whom she could share experiences and knowledge so that they all grew together.

As a business and marketing coach who worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world, Katherine McGraw Patterson knows that relationships are crucial to building a successful business.  Her goal is to create a space where passionate, motivated business women can come together to work, play, and share their journeys.

Through WEBO, KP is on a mission to bring women entrepreneurs together.  The WEBO tagline “Connect, Support, Grow” says it all.  When we connect with other women and support each other in our goals for ourselves and our businesses, we all grow – personally and professionally.

WEBO is more than a lunch date, it’s an ongoing conversation, an authentic connection, and a thriving community of women business owners just like you.