2020 WEBO Advisory Board

Introducing the 2020 WEBO Network Advisory Board. These women business owners volunteer their time to help determine the strategic direction of our organization and help maintain our reputation for exceptional mastermind, professional development, and networking events and programs.

2020 Advisory Board

Angela Alter
Angela Alter Realty

Angela prides herself on being “Your Friend and Realtor for Life” and specializes in getting her clients under contract an to closing in an honest and trusting way – the way your best friend would. As a member of “The Smith Group” at RE/MAX Alliance, Angela shares in the combined 70+ years of successful real estate experience. The Smith Group is consistently ranked as a TOP 5 team at RE/MAX Alliance, closing over 1,000 transactions in the past 15 years. We have the experience you can rely upon to guide you through the complex process of buying and selling real estate. Being a REALTOR® isn’t just about buying and selling houses, it’s about helping people. Wherever you are in your real estate journey, Angela is here to support you. Whether you’re buying for the first time, selling a home to accommodate a growing family, upgrading to a smaller home or broadening your investment portfolio, Angela is ready to help you make your dreams of homeownership a reality.

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Destiny DeHaven
Your Magical Destiny

Growing up in a large extended Hawaiian family of aunties and uncles, Destiny DeHaven had plenty of people telling her what she should be and should do. Just like many of us, Destiny internalized those voices, allowing them to grow into a LOT of fears and many limiting beliefs. Until, tired of living a hoo-hum, mediocre life, Destiny decided to learn how to help herself and others change their beliefs and live a life worth remembering. Today, Destiny calls herself a “Pattern Breaker and Bullshit Detector,” using proven tools like Neuro Linguistic Programing, the BANK personality system, and Hypnotherapy, Destiny helps leaders unleash THEIR magical destiny by clearing blocks from this lifetime as well as past lives.

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Cindy Goyette
Cindy Goyette 

Cindy Goyette, SPHR, MAOM, CC is a Talent Strategist and People Leader with deep expertise in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Organizational Development & Effectiveness and Learning & Development.  She helps business leaders ensure they have the right talent to execute their business strategy at all stages of business evolution.  She helps hiring managers uncover their talent needs in relation to building cohesive and productive teams and effective job acquisition strategy.  Cindy also helps executives and non-traditional job seekers in the second half of their careers align their cumulative work/life experience and their career aspirations to successfully attain satisfying jobs in today’s competitive landscape.

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Rachel Hopson
EPoint Group

As a licensed insurance agent, Rachel uses her extensive industry knowledge to guide her clients toward the coverage and policies that best match their home, life, health, commercial, and business needs. With access to a variety of national carriers she is able to serve all types of individuals and businesses in Colorado. Rachel is a consummate professional who redefines accountability and understands that exceptional customer service is the most essential part of her client relationships. Like many Coloradans, she values overall health and wellness. In addition to her insurance business, Rachel has established a community of women who are passionate about sharing natural, plant-based products through Young Living. She coaches, empowers and encourages other small-business owners to succeed and step into their own greatness.

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Kristen Judd
Five Rings Financial

Kristen is passionate about her work and educating individuals, families, and business owners on money and empowering them to leave their financial strife behind by creating a plan they understand, believe in, and can grow with.  She is a dynamic and sought-after speaker and has been the host of Wine, Women, and Wealth in Westminster for 3 years.  Kristen recently published her first book, “Own Your Future”, which shares the actual steps she used to catapult her business and career with Five Rings Financial and teaches  you how to “trick” your brain into achieving crazy big goals with ease and joy. Connie has been a member of the WEBO Network Advisory Board since its formation in 2017.

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Amanda Kendall
Elevating Profits

Amanda Kendall, EA, is a business consultant with a background as a tax and accounting professional with over 16 years’ experience. In 2012, Amanda established her first business which quickly catapulted to one of the top tax resolution firms with under 20 employees. Despite her focused and driven personality and a passion for helping her clients Amanda found herself personally struggling in her own business.
The experience and insight she gained from turning her business from near bankruptcy to being one of the most successful small businesses in her industry evolved into a desire to work with small business owners and service providers to create businesses that gave them the financial and time freedom they desired when they started their entrepreneurial journey. Thus, Elevating Profits, LLC was born.
As a business consultant and strategist, Amanda works with her clients to build a solid foundation based on four key factors, allowing them to create profit margins and freedom of time in a way that will be sustainable all while creating a business that is not reliant on their day to day presence.

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Connie Kercher
Switchboard Networking Boutique

As owner of Switchboard Networking Boutique, Connie has created a space where businesses and entrepreneurs can showcase their products and services, connect with the ideal clients, and offer their events in a convenient, affordable locations.  She also trains other business owners on leveraging special events as part of their marketing mix, helping them identify, plan, and execute an engaging calendar of events for their clients and affiliates.  Connie honed her special events expertise during her tenure as Director of the Leadership Engagement and Development (L.E.A.D.) program, leadership and student organizations coordinator, and adjunct faculty member in the Regent Scholars Program at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Alongside her full-time commitments, she has also grown and developed a National team with Premier Designs Jewelry Business, through which she continues to encourage, elevate, and coach the skills, professionalism and best practices of the Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing industry. Connie has been a member of the WEBO Network Advisory Board since its formation in 2017.

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If you would like to learn more about our Advisory Board, contact us at hello@webonetwork.com.