Introducing the WEBO Bee

Introducing our new mascot, the WEBO Bee!  Bees symbolize community, brightness and personal power – all things that WEBO brings together for you and your business.

Bees are focused and intentional

We’ve all heard the term “busy as a bee,” but bees aren’t busy just to be busy – they’re focused on what they’re doing and don’t get sidetracked from their goals. Bumblebees, in particular, symbolize being fully present and engaged in our creative endeavors, encouraging us to focus with intention and be single-minded in purpose. In a similar way, WEBO members are committed to achieving success in their business – and are investing the time and energy necessary to reach it.

Our treasure lies in the beehive of our knowledge. – Nietzsche

If you’re finding that you’re having a hard time paying attention or that your energy is scattered, bumblebees can show you how to become focused again. Bee symbolism teaches us that disorganization and indecisiveness might be causing us to miss opportunities.  We can tackle that by prioritizing your goals – only you can decide which of these are essential – and setting schedules. Bee symbolism tells us that by doing that, we can call abundance into our lives and businesses. Like the bee, WEBO helps you clarify and concentrate on your goals and vision for your business, bringing you the professional development and masterminding you need to be successful and reap the sweet rewards of your hard work.

Bees are small but mighty

Although bees are tiny buzzing insects, their power is magnificent and capable of achieving the impossible. Because, technically speaking, bees shouldn’t be able to fly – they’re designed all wrong aerodynamically. Their wings are way too small to get their chubby little bodies off the ground. It’s doubtful that Bee knows it shouldn’t fly – it simply DOES, and so can you. Bees teach to move past our limitations.

In China, bees represent business advancements. When shown with a monkey or butterfly in art, bees represent prosperity – if depicted with bamboo, they symbolize abundance.

Bees are tiny but have a huge impact on their environment, just like small businesses. There’s real concern in the world today about the plight of honeybees and their decline in numbers. It’s estimates that if bees disappear, humankind won’t be far behind. In the same way, small businesses and entrepreneurs may not have a huge individual impact on the economy and our communities, but together, we generate 44% of the US economic activity.

Bees represents community

Bees live and work together in a hive. They symbolize working in groups, networking, and community. This is a great reminder that your hard work and industry produce a community life and social organization that generate abundance. Bees call to us to get involved and jump into the “tribe” with true abandon! Likewise, the way bees pollinate plants symbolize our social nature – they go from flower to flower enriching the world.

Bees are a living manifestation of devoted contribution. Their love language is mindful service.  At WEBO, we believe in supporting each other’s success through the shared experience of being a woman business owner, and as we connect with each other we’re enriching our lives by sharing resources, support, and encouragement.

Finally, bees encourage us to enjoy the rewards of our hard work

WEBO chose the bee as our mascot because it symbolizes dedication, focus, and community. But bees also remind us to stop and enjoy the work we do and the rewards it brings us. They teach us to take time out to enjoy the “nectar” of like – the blessings and joys it brings and the sweet rewards of your efforts. 

In honor of our new mascot…

WEBO has made a donation to purchase four bee packages, hives, boxes and training in beekeeping techniques to help bee keepers (apiarists) through Heifer International. Among its many initiatives, Heifer International invests in women farmers and business owners, equipping them with the tools and expertise they need to make their businesses thrive and grow.