Here’s YOUR Light Bulb Moment: Six Things You Need to Know About Networking to Be Really, Really Good at It.

I want to tell you my favorite networking story.  It’s my favorite mostly because I come out looking like a total dork (and there’s nothing I like better than to laugh at myself!), but also because it was a real LIGHT BULB MOMENT…we get so few of those in life!  Anyway, here goes.

Many years ago, when I was but a young entrepreneur, I joined a local Chamber of Commerce Leads Group.  After my first few meetings and getting to know the other members, a gentleman asked me if I’d like to go to coffee so he could learn more about what I did.  “This is it!”, thought my naïve, innocent self.  “He’s going to hire me for his marketing.  Damn, this networking thing is paying off already!” Continue Reading →

How to Network Online Using Social Media (and What to do When It’s Time to Take Your Relationship Offline…)

Networking online is fast, free, and easy.  No face-to-face meeting means even the most socially awkward among us are capable of building vast virtual networks.  Online platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow you to display your company’s brand and information clearly and liberally, which builds your visibility.  Special interest groups and hashtags allow you to deliver your messages right to your ideal clients, while industry and professional forums give you the opportunity to ask questions and build professional networks. Continue Reading →