Can I join a Power Circle any time during the year?

The magic of Power Circles is due in part to the close relationships members build.  Currently, Power Circles enroll in January and July and run for six month sessions.  If you would like to be notified of the next enrollment period, please email us at hello@webonetwork.com.

What if my group wants to stay together after six months?

Groups are welcome to remain intact and continue together after their first six-month session. The group can choose whether to allow new members at the start of a new session or to limit businesses to the original members.

Can I cancel my Power Circle membership?

You may cancel your Power Circle membership at any time UP UNTIL the date of the first meeting.  To cancel your membership, email hello@webonetwork.com. If you choose to cancel your Power Circle membership, you will lose all associated benefits.  You are still welcome to engage with the WEBO community on Facebook and attend WEBOs Lunch and WEBOs Learn events at no charge.