WEBOs Lunch


WEBOs Lunch is a monthly luncheon where women entrepreneurs and business owners connect, share their businesses, and grow their personal and professional networks. 

We meet on the second Thursday of each month from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m at The Lazy Dog, 2831 W 120th Ave, Westminster, CO 80234.  Be sure to join our Meetup and RSVP!

We invite you to attend a WEBOs Lunch to meet other WEBOs, ask questions, and find out more about what membership in our organization is all about.  Attendance is FREE, but we do ask that you consider ordering a light lunch to support and thank The Lazy Dog for hosting us.  Separate checks available.

What can you expect at a WEBOs Lunch?

  • Introductions – an opportunity to introduce yourself and your business and/or share a special offer with the group.
  • Community-building – We use prompts and activities designed to create a deeper connection between WEBOs.  From icebreakers to mini-masterminds, these facilitated activities help WEBOs learn more about each other and our businesses, strengthening your network and presenting more opportunities to grow.
  • Networking – meet other passionate, dynamic women business owners from our area, build professional connections, and maybe make a new friend or two.

About WEBOs Lunch

  • WEBOs believe in community and connection, and that a rising tide lifts all ships.  That’s why we leave competition at the door when we gather to break bread.  Yes, there may be other providers of your product or service in attendance, but don’t feel threatened.  WEBO events are supportive, safe forums designed to help you build your professional and personal connections with other WEBOs.
  • WEBOs Lunch are facilitated by Katherine McGraw Patterson (aka “Biz Coach KP”).   KP is a women’s business coach and small business marketing specialist who helps women entrepreneurs and business owners build stronger businesses that help them achieve success.

Learn more about KP here

.…a Few Tips

  • Join our Meetup to RSVP for WEBOs Lunch and get in the WEBO communications loop.
  • Please bring business cards to share.
  • We’ll want to hear about you, your business, and your ideal client – be prepared to share a 40-60 second introduction.
  • Be prepared for some surprises – WEBO isn’t like other networking organizations, our goal is to create community and conversation.
  • Plan to make new connections and stay in touch!

What About Your Mailing List?

Networking is a great way to build connections with other WEBOs, but it’s not cool to go home from our luncheon and add every single person to your list just because they gave you a business card.

Your email list is different from individual emails you might send to contacts to follow up after our luncheon. Those personal emails are fine.  But, please don’t add contacts to your marketing email list without explicit written or verbal permission.

To get permission, ask.  Be specific.  Say something like “I’d love to stay connected, would it be okay to add you to my list?”  If they say yes, make a note on their business card to add them to your list when you get home.  If they decline, don’t be hurt and don’t take it personally.